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HL HR Consultant Welcomes You

We expedite the nonprofit community’s impact and advance social change while enhancing community leadership involvement

A world where we are accepted no matter what we look like, our social status, or environment obstacles

Our Values

Transparent Partnerships
We are respectful, transparent and loyal partners. We are listeners before speakers where continued learning
and change are necessary. We push ourselves and encourage our clients to innovate and build on best practices.

Positive Connections
We bring positivity, confidence, bliss, and recognition to our work together.

Equity-Centered Practices
We honor diverse viewpoints, create inclusive, fair environments and advocate for social justice.

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My Services

Strategic Planning
Corporate Partnership Strategy
Assessment, Analytics, and Grant Writing
Leadership Development
Project Management

Finance Consultancy

Strategic & Organizational Planning

Successfully managing a nonprofit organization in today’s complex environment isn’t easy. Every day you juggle multiple priorities, trying to balance the urgency of day-to-day activities and demands against the importance of achieving your organization’s mission and serving your community.

This is where it’s easy to lose focus – and where HLHR can help.

Whether you’re trying to accurately project future needs for financial and human resources, create and implement a leadership succession plan, start a visionary new program or service, or tackle some other organizational or strategic project that requires your precious time and attention, HLHR can help.

We offer a comprehensive suite of organizational strategy and development services, including:

  • Strategic Planning – a step-by-step plan and timeline for achieving your goals and objectives. Click here for Strategic Planning Best Practices

  • Strategic Visioning – a process for reaching your organization’s vision for the future

  • SOAR Strategic Analysis – Similar to a SWOT analysis, a SOAR (Strengths – Opportunities – Aspirations – Results) Strategic Analysis applies a forward-looking, strengths-based approach to structured, strategic problem-solving.

  • Strategic Implementation Counsel – guidance for accomplishing both your short- and long-term goals

  • Mergers and Strategic Alliance Counsel – guidance in merging or aligning boards, leadership, staff, departments, programs, and missions

  • Program Development – astute advice for planning and implementing activities to better meet the needs of your community

  • Benchmarking – targets to know where you are now and track where you’re going

Our professionals work side-by-side with you, your staff, and your key volunteers to plan and guide your efforts and to give you the skills you need to keep your organization focused on its most important goals.  We have done this for more than 10 years. We’ve helped thousands of nonprofits build their capacity to achieve their missions and accomplish astounding results, and we’re happy to discuss how we can help your organization too.



Building a culture of philanthropy for our clients isn’t just a buzz word for us. We believe strongly that just as a for profit business focuses daily on business development at all levels of the company, nonprofit organizations should have the same pervasive focus on philanthropy – so much so that it becomes a culture within the organization. From your Board to your service providers, each should hold the belief that philanthropy is the engine that keeps your organization running.

Our counsel and guidance is dedicated to building that culture through training, individual and organizational capacity building, assessing current activities and internal readiness for planning or expansion of new or current programs, and determining inspirational and

aspirational key messages that engage your donors. In all of our services, we fully prepare our clients to launch philanthropic efforts – from campaigns to major gifts to planned giving to planning overall philanthropic strategy.

  • Feasibility/Campaign Planning Studies – engages a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders through a combination of an Oversight Committee, interviews, group discussions and/or surveys to determine the specific campaign dollar goal, review internal readiness to move into the campaign, identify potential donors and campaign leadership, and frame key messages and communication strategies; includes analysis of your organization’s image, the appeal of the campaign components, gift potential, volunteer leadership, climate and timing of the campaign, and the organization’s internal readiness; results in either a Feasibility Study Report or a Campaign Plan. 

  • Campaign Planning and Management – guidance that keeps you focused on the campaign, partnering with you to plan for and carry out a successful campaign while still bringing in the annual operating dollars your organization needs to survive. 

  • Development Planning – creation of a detailed, actionable plan for developing revenue streams in a manner that is sustainable and accommodates future stages of growth

  • Corporate Partnership Strategy – design of meaningful and impactful relationships between nonprofits and corporations. 

  • Major Gifts Counsel – high-level internal assessment and review of both programmatic and operational needs to determine appropriate next steps for creating a major gifts program or personalized guidance on strengthening an existing program

  • Planned Giving Counsel – guidance in establishing or enhancing a planned giving program

  • Other Philanthropic Program Planning & Management – design, planning and implementation of annual fund, foundation and corporate giving, stewardship, or cultivation and solicitation training programs

  • Key Messaging and Case Development – organizing, structuring, editing, and facilitating input and buy-in from key organizational stakeholders to develop key messages and communications strategies.

Implementation Planning

Governance and Leadership Development

Effective and efficient governance of your organization is of utmost importance. Your governing, advisory and auxiliary groups are filled with people who want to contribute to the mission of the organization to the best of their ability within the intended purpose of their respective groups. But some of them may not be entirely sure how. Or the structures that support them in making that contribution are not the most effective. Whatever the obstacle to full participation or utilizing your full capacity, HLHR offers assistance and guidance in enhancing board and governance skills, policies, procedures, bylaws, structure and more.

  • Board Development – customized enhancement of board effectiveness, including board training and professional development; identification, recruitment and orientation; review of policies and procedures; and board retreats

  • Bylaw Review – evaluation and recommendations for revision of current bylaws

  • CEO and Staff Evaluation – informative evaluation of top organizational leadership

  • Governance Analysis – assessment of board capacity, structure, recruitment, orientation, governance and term limits

  • HLHR consultants provide in-depth training and coaching tailored to the needs of your staff or board members. Consistent with our philosophy of building a culture of philanthropy throughout your organization and building your internal capacity, our training programs and materials are customized to your needs, to address any skillset gaps, connect your top executives with other professionals through peer group coaching, or provide ongoing coaching on an individual basis.

  • Board and Staff Training
    Our teams create custom training for nonprofit board and staff in any area related to philanthropy, governance, assessment or planning. We offer board and staff retreats in addition to on-site training sessions. We also offer online and video training – to learn more, visit our Events page for upcoming webinars.

  • Executive Leadership Coaching and Counsel
    Nonprofit managers are asked to wear many hats, and perform at high levels with minimal resources. This high wire juggling act is not always easy. Alford Group consultants provide one-on-one guidance to nonprofit leadership. Our experienced consultants have each spent many years as an Executive Director, VP of Development, or CEO of nonprofits. Each understands the pressures and challenges of the position and can help staff leaders with: developing specific strategies to achieve their goals, developing expectations and/or job qualifications for new hires, positioning their organizations for funding, handling Board issues, and other concerns.

Finance Consultancy

Assessment, Analytics, and Grant Writing

Assessments and data analytics provide the foundation from which to plan future programming and philanthropic activities, or to revamp, revitalize or restructure your organization. Any sort of planning requires that you know what your current circumstances and results are, whether it’s a review of your current internal activities and programs, evaluation of impact, or a comparison of your activities to comparable organizations in the industry.

At HLHR, we approach assessments as an opportunity to move your organization forward. Our assessments result in actionable recommendations to enhance your business practices, raise more funds, inform your funding strategy, or start a new program. We offer many types of assessment and analytics, including:

  • Fundraising Operations Suite – a suite of services that will help you assess the current state of your internal operations; analyze your donor data in new, insightful ways; identify areas of focus and uncover new prospects; and ultimately improve your fundraising results.

    • HL Analytics – a 360º view of how your donors engage with your organization, including historic trends and gaps in giving relevant to fundraising strategy and implementation. Map your donor journey – how donors are acquired, how long they stay, when they peak, how and when they increase to major giving, and more.

    • Demographic Donor Scan – data preparation and in-depth analysis that compares your donor data against over 400 consumer demographic identifiers that will help you with acquisition, marketing and communication efforts.

    • Fundraising Operations Assessment – focused review of all fundraising operations designed to identify areas of improvement and new operational structures and protocols that will strengthen your program.

  • Organizational Assessment – assessment of current mission, vision, organizational culture, governance, programs and services, human resources and staffing, facilities and technology, financial management, funding and fund development, and/or marketing and communications.

  • Development Assessment – assessment of resource development activities, staff and infrastructure.

    • Rapid Development Assessment – focused assessment on fundraising operations that can be centered around a particular area of interest to quickly surface fundraising opportunities.

  • Philanthropic Market Assessment – a holistic view of your organization  that will assist in identifying and maximizing opportunities. Find out how your donors and prospects perceive your organization, how their philanthropic giving priorities match your needs, and how they want to be engaged. Learn best practices and determine how your organization stacks up among similar organizations. Often conducted to determine whether the market will support a capital campaign or to analyze the interplay between the internal development function and the external perceptions of your organization.

  • Impact and Program Evaluation – identification and measurement of key organizational and/or programmatic outcomes. Determine progress or demonstrate results, gather information to refine design and approach, and/or share learnings with broader constituencies.

  • Benchmarking – assessment of best practices, strengths, areas of opportunity internally and for partnership, and potential threats relative to similar organizations in the industry.

  • Governance Analysis – assessment of your board’s capacity, structure, recruitment, orientation, governance and term limits.

  • Constituent Perception Analysis – assessment of insight and perspectives from internal and/or external stakeholders regarding perceptions of the organization currently or its plans for the future.

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